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About me

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Hi! I’m Wael Latrache, and I’m a developer who has passion for building clean web applications with intuitive functionalities. I enjoy the process of turning ideas into reality using creative solutions. I’m always curious about learning new skills, tools, and concepts. In addition to working on various solo full stack projects, I have worked with creative teams, which involves daily stand-ups and communications, source control, and project management.
I'm also a graphic designer, motion designer, and above all a fullstack web and mobile developer. About my education, well, after my baccalaureate, I took some training in web development and graphic design, but for the rest, I learned everything on my own, from graphic design and code to 3d modeling and sculpting, below you will find some examples of my projects that I have carried out either for companies or to enrich my portfolio, and I always try to vary my work so as not to limit myself to a single category, I love my job.

My skills

What My Programming Skills Included?

I develop simple, intuitive and responsive user interface that helps users get things done with less effort and time with those technologies.

  • HTML5
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  • CSS3
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  • JavaScript
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  • TypeScript
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  • SQL
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  • Tailwind css
  • node js
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  • React
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  • Express js
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  • Firebase
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  • PHP
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  • SASS
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  • Illustrator
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  • After Effects
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  • Moho
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  • Git
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  • Npm
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  • Command Line
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  • VS Code
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  • Blender
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  • Virtual box
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  • Adobe Audition
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  • Photoshop
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  • Adobe XD
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